Who We Are

Beis Midrash of Queens is dedicated to promoting the three pillars of the world: Torah, Avoda, and Gemilut Chassadim. BMQ supports and encourages educational, charitable, and religious initiatives for the Jewish community.

Founded in 1982 as a learning center in Queens by Rabbi Hershel Reichman, BMQ has been involved in numerous programs to meet these goals. In addition to internal projects, BMQ provides grants and funding to organizations and individuals who can demonstrate eligibility for support, within BMQ’s scope of activity.

What We Do


In 2008, BMQ launched Naaleh.com, the first online video Torah website. Since then, Naaleh.com has become a recognized name in online Torah education. Search any of our world-renowned teachers and thousands of divrei Torah. Naaleh.com is now a premier free Torah website providing thousands of free video lectures to over 30,000 members around the world.

Joining the Naaleh.com team of teachers is a great way to reach thousands of people, or to promote your favorite Rebbe or teacher to anyone in the world. To join our incredible list of teachers fill out a Teacher Application form here.

Woodmont College

Woodmont College is an independent, accredited online college. It’s vision is to imbue its students with a holistic education in the Jewish sense: professional skills founded on a values-based education, with an emphasis on moral development and Torah values. Woodmont College is dedicated to providing affordable, accessible, universal education with the goal of professional employment and personal development. The institution is able to make education accessible by offering courses online, via distance education.

Naaleh Tutors

Naaleh tutors provides affordable Torah tutoring by pairing up educators in Israel with students around the world, through its online platform. Naaleh Torah Tutors strives to give every Jewish student around the world the individual attention and academic support of one-on-one tutoring, at an affordable price. We aim to provide members of the international Jewish Community with an affordable option to support their children’s Jewish Education, allowing their kids to improve their Judaic Studies skills while developing a warm relationship with a dedicated role model.


BMQ publications fill a unique niche in the world of Jewish scholarship.
Reshimos Shiurim: This series of sefarim presents Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik’s innovative and insightful lectures on various Tractates of Gemara, in a clear and organized fashion. The sefarim are authored by Rabbi Hershel Reichman, a close talmid of the Rav, having attended shiur for over 20 years. To order, contact rabbireichman@gmail.com.
Torah Tapestries: A parsha series which extracts valuable and pertinent life lessons from the weekly Torah portion, written by Rebbetzin Shira Smiles. To order email shirasmilesclass@gmail.com.
Beekurim with the Gra’s Commentary: A facsimile and annotated elucidation of an original manuscript of the Vilna Gaon’s commentary on Masechet Beekurim by Rabbi Yedidiyah Fraenkel. For more information, contact yedidiyahalevi@gmail.com.

Camp Yagilu

Camp Yagilu is a wilderness survival camp for Jewish boys. Our mission is to encourage people to be happy and self-aware. We do this by challenging them in many areas – whether by experiencing the beauty of the wilderness or in zany group games. After the challenge, and resulting success, we “debrief,” and analyze their experiences. This leads to increased understanding and self-awareness. Greater self awareness allows the kids to choose effective behaviors. To get along with others and to be a productive and happy human being, you need to think, and to be aware of what you are doing. Yagilu helps people smooth out their relationships so they can respect each other, respect themselves, and accomplish more together.

BMQ’s Mission

The Mishna in Pirkei Avot states:
“There are three things on which the world stands. On Torah, on Avoda (service), and on Gemilut Chassadim”.
Beis Midrash of Queens’ mission is to strengthen these three pillars of Jewish experience, through increasing accessibility to Torah study, encouraging prayer which is referred to as ‘service of the heart’, and to help others through Gemilut Chassadim (acts of lovingkindness).
BMQ has increased access to Torah knowledge through the publication and distribution of over 35,000 volumes of Reshimos Shiurim, creation of Naaleh.com, a breakthrough in online Jewish education, scholarships to needy children allowing them to be able to afford Yeshiva tuition, and support for needy Torah scholars.
Avoda, prayer, is encouraged by BMQ through its support for the Tehillim Kollel at the Western Wall and online Tehillim program at Naaleh.com.
BMQ is dedicated to helping those in need of assistance, whether through charitable donations, assistance with medical crises.

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